Friday, April 17, 2009

Laws that's a head of hair, wild messed up hair - here baby there mama, everywhere stickin up haaa-uauah-aiirrrr

Wake up - oh, went to sleep with Tender Graces at my bedside - I am reading it, pretending it is the first time to read this book. What a strange and wonderful experience, although I keep thinking, "oh wait, I should have..." or "oh, that doesn't sound right..." or "Oh, too abrupt ending to that chapter!!!!" or "Oh, 'is' is supposed to be 'was' in that sentence" or "That sounds like a children's book....dang!" or "how will they like this? huhn not sure..." or "I like that....Did I write that? I did!"(laughing) The other books you can see - one is OCEAN magazine - but what is that one that looks backwards? I can't tell, even when I go back to the room and look at the books for real...what is that backwards book - you can enlarge the photo by clicking on it -- what is that? weird!

(PS - I figured it out - see if you can! the first one to figure out what the backwards book is, I'll send them a copy of Tender Graces and a bonus book of my choice...)

Good gawd! Took a look at myself in the mirror - I must have spun around in my sleep all night - although I slept pretty well. Good Lord! look at that hair!
Time for a walk.....oh the sun is shining...standing on my porch taking in a deep breath - snap goes a photo. Book Signing Day will be perfect weather it seems! yay!
and the little log house from the bottom of my driveway! All cozied up in there....soon the leaves will hide it more...hurry leaves! If you enlarge the photo, you can see a big ole orb shining!

little log house from across the creek, across the cove- can you see it hidden there? I wrote on the photo to show you about where it is. GMR and Fat Lazy Labrador and I are standing looking down at our place. You can see a few other houses in our cove. Here, there.

Back home - too jittery to eat. This is the only thing that tempts me: cheese, banana, grapefruit juice, vitamins - huhn erk....meanwhile, Good Man Roger is in the kitchen slaving away to make gourmet goodies for my booksigning tonight -- Bless Him! And Christly L. Bishop of Sugar Buzz (and the photographer who snapped my author photo) is baking a special cake and some lemon squares...ohhhhh~ Wish yawwwll could be there.
I'll be back with more photos of Signing Day - tomorrow.
Also....I've read every one of your comments and they are making me laugh, cry, smile, feel happy happy, excited.....Thank You All! MUWAH! Don't forget to send me a photo of you with Tender Graces, but be sure to let me know if you don't want it posted - I'm going to put all this in a memory box or scrap book....
Now, back to work on VK Book 2.


Missy said...

Loooooove your hair! Mine looks like that in the morning as well.
The book in question looks like it may be Ray Bradbury 451 Farenheit? You are already supposed to send me one of your books. :)
I love the pics you posted of your cozy little cabin. The NC mountains are so beautiful...your own little piece of Heaven!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hee hee! I'ts Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Now I'll go back and finish your post.

Janna Qualman said...

Shoot. I really wanted that copy. :(

Kat, that is one of my biggest dreams... to read my own published book as if I've never seen it before. Enjoy it, lady!

Sandra Leigh said...

Ah, too late. Never mind. My copy will be here soon. Have a great time at your book signing, Kathryn. Take lots of bows.

Jessica said...

You sound so very happy. :-) What a fun experience you're having!

Michelle said...

Dang! I knew it was Ray Bradbury but couldn't figure out the title!

Debbie said...

I had to put mine down for the family but I am close to finishing! Oh, it is so good and sweet and I really don't want to finish. When did you say that next one will be done?

colbymarshall said...

must be surreal, reading your own book. I can only imagine. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal! :-)

Kikit said...

Ray Bradbury

I'm not familiar with the cover of this book. But I used a mirror to be able to read the title. Too bad I'm not the first one to guess it. :(

Glynis said...

Have fun book signing! I know someone who pays a lot of money to get hair like your bed hair! :)

Hippy Witch said...

Its great to see your excitment, you have worked for it, so enjoy. Even though Im to late, the book is Ray Bradbury - Farenheit.