Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We are family; I got all my ...bloggers...with me!

( GMR painted this - I told him one day how I'd know I "made it" when I became an M&M cartoon *laughing*.... so, this is what he did...haw!)

Last day to vote for our Angie Gumbo Writer! Y'all just take a moment to click on that little thumbs up *smiling* CLICK HERE She's neck and neck with another blog! vote vote vote!

It is dark outside; I'm up quite early this morning: before Fat Lazy Lab Jake, before Good Man Roger, before the birds. It is silent, as our cove at Killian Knob can be - but through the closed windows and doors I still hear our creek -- the rains have brought it back as it was before.

I am overwhelmed at the support I am receiving from you all. To think, people I have never met face-to-face have become an important part of my life. You "see" them if not daily, then weekly. You are sad for them when they are sad, happy when they are happy. I can see some of us sitting around a table in a cafe, sharing coffee and something sweet, laughing and talking, and as we do, we are marveling at all the places we come from: here near far there yonder.

There will be no way I can do anything but say THANK YOU for all your support with Tender Graces - I only hope my words do your support justice. For TG is a love letter to everyone who reads her. As I wrote my Virginia Kate saga, I thought of all of you and all the hands that would hold her and that kept me writing and writing and writing. The thought it will soon happen just overwhelms me, but in that surreal but good way.

These days, publishing is a strange business. One never knows what will "work" and what will send books gathering dust on shelves and what makes them best-sellers. I hope the love and sincerity of my words will sell my books. I hope the story will sell it. The writing and language. I hope I do you all Proud; that is my wish.

Word of mouth - all of you - telling others about a good book you've read is, to me, one (or THE) most important thing when it comes to our books. A person reads your book and loves it and then tells someone and that person reads it and loves it and tells another and on the chain goes.

Never Ever Ever discount the important role that you, Dear Readers, have in the writer's life. I mean that in so many ways.

One day I hope to sell enough books to buy up land on this little mountain at Killian Knob so that all destruction - the cutting down of too many trees, the putting up of lights(blasphemy!), the postage-sized lots, My Muse Trail One decimated, Kayla's creek: gone....I hope that one day I can preserve what's left. I believe in having Goals - even if they seem too "out there" and lofty and hard. Maybe it'll happen, who am I to say it will not? But, I dream of walking Muse Trail One again, where the forest has taken over again, and Muse Trails Levels Two and Three remain wild as they are right now still. It is a "hard" goal, for writers do not make much money from the sale of their books: which is why we do it from Love. You may be surprised at what we make per book -- love...love....it is Love that keeps ups writing.

One more thing I have in mind: I contacted some libraries here in Western North Carolina about carrying my book and received very positive interest, but was saddened to learn that many small county libraries do not have a budget for books! Can you imagine? One of my other dreams is to help libraries --- those sanctuaries of my youth --- I am going to donate my book wherever I can; I do realize I can't do this at every library in every county (or parish of Louisiana) in every city, but, I can start somewhere. I urge you all to try to help your local libraries: donate books - it doesn't have to be mine (laughing!) - or find out how you can help. We need our libraries! We need our Independent Booksellers and Independent Presses....together, we are a strong force.



Jessica said...

That's sad about the libraries. :-(
I've heard passion is loved in a story. I've no doubt TG is full of it and will do well!

Anonymous said...

Morning, Kat. Love GMR's painting!! Haha, too saWheet!

Love those libraries too! DONATE BOOKS!!!

Yes, I hope everyone votes for Angie today, last day to vote!


Debbie said...

I have read about libraries struggling and even being closed. Rips my heart out. I have raised a house full of book lovers (adorers, really) and we can't imagine not having a well stocked library. We are blessed here so far. But we have also donated quite a fair number of books over the years to libraries. One of the things I am proudest of.
Have a great day. I'll email you about days to get together.
And everyone vote for Angie! Some whippersnapper has taken over the lead and we can't have that!

Angie Ledbetter said...

Look at all them endorsements!!!!!!!! And every one of them is true. :)

Thanks, friends, for all the vote hawking for me. LOL

Lisa said...

its easy to love you KAT, honestly it is.........my angels directed me to your blog and your beautiful smile........the fat labrador and rock collection sealed the deal------you are stuck with me sweet sister xx

Janna Qualman said...

I hadn't thought of it once, but it's a great idea! I'll check with my county library and see if they'd take donations. Surely they would, right?

I'm just so thrilled for you, Kat. Seeing your dream come true, all this to be realized in a matter of days. Each time one of my writing friends sees such a step, I feel that much closer to my own goal. Thank you for the inspiration!

Small Footprints said...

You know ... I never considered donating a book to a library. I don't know why ... I donate them to shelters and thrift shops but ... just never thought about a library. What a brilliant idea!! Thanks for sharing that ... and ... doesn't it just "trump" giving them to a thrift shop ... after all, they'll be reused far more at a library! Fabulous!

Small Footprints

Marcy said...

We have so many books that we really need to donate them...but sometimes I just hate to part with them...

I still need to order your book. I'm in need of a good read...

L.C. Gant said...

Best of luck with TG, Kathryn! You so deserve it! I know it will do well.

It's so true what you say about libraries as well. I live in central Florida, and I'm sad to say the main library in my city is the most pitifully stocked one I've ever seen. They are in desperate need of support. You've inspired me to do what I can to help!

Sharla said...

You know you're all that when you have an M&M made after you. I mean, what else is there??

Now, wouldn't it be fantastic if we all ever COULD meet at that "table in a cafe, sharing coffee and something sweet, laughing and talking, and as we do, we are marveling at all the places we come from..." Wouldn't that just be a blast?

Deb Shucka said...

I love reading all your great reviews. And it's wonderful to know what your long term hopes are. I can hardly wait to read your book.

Polly said...

This is a great idea! I had never thought of donating books to our library, now I am seriously considering how to conduct a book drive for all our good folk to participate in. We recently built a very large, modern library with lots of glass, covered parking, coffee shop, computer rooms, elevators, classes and meetings, etc. and it has become "The Place" to hang out! Take care.

Friendship Ball said...

Just wanted to comment on I noticed your friendship ball around the world and I think that's a great idea.